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Nivelco Magazine  // 2013/2


The new season is full of new challenges!

NIVELCO Racing Team has done very well during the summer training season. Unlike last year no injuries has pulled back the well-constructed and systematically structured training. In addition to skiing the young athletes could try out several different sports in this summer. When choosing an additional sport it is essential to help achieving the best results available in skiing.

Besides the daily trainings the most important thing is cycling which can be mountain bike trainings or even competitions. Our racers have successfully performed again at Crosskovácsi competition which is a race of the Hungarian Cup series. Of course, road bicycle is also an essential part of training. The second time this year Barnabas and Benjamin managed to cycle around Lake Balaton in a day, the biggest European freshwater lake, which meant 205 km (127 mile) for them, while Noa completed the 85 km (52.5 mile) long ‘half’ round.

We spent two weeks with our other favourite sport, surfing, where strength and balance can be developed at the same time. In 24 hours we reached Lefkada Island where we enjoyed the wind for 11 days in a Greek surf paradise, Vasiliki. The weather was beautiful, fantastic beaches and moderate or fresh breeze – according to the Beaufort scale – was waiting for us every day. In such perfect conditions not only the surfing but the usual daily condition trainings were also easily achievable.

From the hot Greece we kept driving and at the other end of Europe, we arrived in a friendly little Lithuanian town, called Druskininkai, close to the borders of Belarus and Poland.

Here you can find the Snow Arena, the newest and one of the biggest indoor skiing slopes in the world with the slope length of 460 m (0.3 mile), 50 m (164 feet) width and height difference of 65 m (213 feet). The Arena has a total snow covered area of 24.900 m2 (268 ft2); the interior temperature of the hall is kept at a constant -3 °C (26.6 °F) to be suitable for ski all year round. Outside there was the August summer with 30°C (86 °F) while inside there was a frosty winter atmosphere waiting for the NIVELCO Racing Team. When the air conditioners are cooling the arena it is associated with an unpleasant breeze which is one of the disadvantages. Another one is the total lack of natural sunshine so only artificial lights remain which extremely challenging for a racer who is used to the outdoor sports.

The twice-daily intense training on the slopes and the icy track required the highest possible concentration and physical performance from the whole team. By the end of the day the well-deserved rest and the famous tsarist thermal bath were waiting for us.

The summer has gone quickly and the racers have already had their first ‘real snowy’ glacier training camp! They are prepared properly and they are waiting for the challenges of this season with enthusiastic working days behind them.



Nivelco Magazine  // 2013/1


THE NIVELCO ski TEAM racers at the highest level in any ski resort!

Our small team closed the previous year as their most successful season

In her age group the ten year old Noa Szőllős stood on the podium in every race she have participated! Besides winning 3 Hungarian championship titles this year she has also won the Murau province cup series and what we are the most proud of is that she has successfully defended her Champion of Styria title! In summary, Noa collected about 20 cups in this season and not only keep up with her brothers but they have been overcome by Noa’s achievement!

The fourteen year old Barnabas Szőllős finishes the Murau sport school this year where the most important thing was skiing for four years besides studying. In the season he also stood many times on the podium and as a member of the Hungarian national team he did very well on international races! The biggest challenge of the year is whether he passes the entrance examination at Waidhofen Ski School!

In September Benjamin Szőllős began his studies in Waidhofen TZW, the oldest ski school in Austria. This is a special school where studying, training and ski racing are equally important “courses”. In addition to the daily school attendance they have also multiple trainings a day. Benjamin is the first Hungarian ski racer who was able to get in to this prestigious school which has trained several champions over the years. We are confident that next year they can enhance the name of NIVELCO SE together with Barnabas!

The only sixteen year old competitor of NIVELCO SE, Benjamin represented Hungary as the youngest member among the world's best alpine skiers at the Austrian Schladming World Championship in February, 2013. At the first world championship in his life in giant slalom qualifications he reached the admirable 44th place among the 132 competitors! This achievement meant a 76th place in the overall competition among the world elite competitors! He couldn’t enter in his favourite event slalom, as the next big challenge the 11th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOWF 2013) was waiting for him. Among the nearly 100 competitors Benjamin ranked at place 25th in slalom!

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