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NIVELCO Magazine  // 2014/2

Summer training

The remarkable successes of the last season gave positive impulses for the young racers of NIVELCO Racing Team to make the summer training even harder!

Thanks to the rainy spring season the Austrian glaciers were in excellent condition all the summer waiting for the snow and ski lovers. NIVELCO Racing Team had opportunity to train in winter circumstances on the best slopes of Carinthia Land (the southernmost Austrian state). The Mölltaller glacier with its  3122 meter (10250 ft) height above sea level and with complex snow-cannon system provides uniquely perfect training possibility even in the hottest summer days.

Of course only with skiing you cannot obtain perfect condition which lasts for the complete winter season so the well-proved training equipments were used also this summer. Cycling, tennis, and wake-boarding were also the part of the preparation for this year's summer program.
The team members are facing with a long and exhausting season. Noa Szőllős (2003) will start her last season in the U12 age-group as a racer of Skimittelschule Murau. Her goal in the season is to win the regional and the provincial Styria Cup along with defending again her Hungarian Championship title.
Barnabas Szőllős (1998) can race again in the same age group with his elder brother Benjamin Szőllős (1996). They will represent Hungary both in the Youth World Championship (held in Hafjell, Norway) and in the adults World Championship in Vail, Colorado in the United States.

They train together in the Waidhofen Ski School in Austria. A big task is waiting for Barnabas to follow his brother and achieve remarkable results on the European Youth Olympic Festival which is held in every two years for the U18 age group.

NIVELCO Magazine  // 2014/1

Domestic and international successes
The 2013/14 season of NIVELCO Racing Team
NIVELCO Racing Team has completed successfully the just ended 2013/14 season. Luckily, this year was also free of any injuries despite the fact that our racers try out their skills more and more often very bravery in the faster competitions.
One of the most spectacular and technique requiring disciplines of the alpine skiing is SUPER G where the sharp turns make possible to reach even 120 km/h (75 mi/h)! This year our young racers have entered many races and completed successfully several times also in SUPER G!

Noa Szőllős, who is now a first-year student at Ski Mittel Schule Murau, she has achieved remarkable results both in the regional and in the provincial championships.

She managed to increase the number of over-80 victories at several important races. Her technique and ski-skills have improved a lot; now she only has to catch up her opponents by growth.

Barnabas Szőllős in his last year in the children age-group and as a primary racer of the Hungarian National Team completed the biggest international children competitions. He said goodbye to the children races in Andorra, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy and then the last was in Canada.

Barnabas competed with outstanding performance all along and stood on the podium several times! His fantastic results were far better than the other racers’ of the Hungarian National Team. During the races he managed to collect two titles which results that he opens his adult career next year as a thirteen-time Hungarian Champion.

Benjamin Szőllős as a junior racer competes in the adult field for three years. This year he has repeatedly managed to end up among the top-fifteen places at international competitions. Benjamin is moving forward nicely in the international ranking. He has the best U18 result in the Hungarian National Team while in the absolute ranking he has the third position among the adults! The most expected event of this season was the Youth World Championship where he raced in all disciplines, but unfortunately pneumonia prevented him to achieve the results expected from him.

As a result, finally he finished in 46th place at the international field with 145 racers than a nearly three-week forced rest was waiting for him and the first week he had to spent in hospital. Because of this illness, unfortunately he missed the National Championship as well. Barnabas and Benjamin continue to be Waidhofen Ski School students where besides professional training they also learn the mysteries of economic life. They will do their summer internship trainee at NIVELCO Co.!

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