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Nivelco Magazine  // 2015/2

Alpine skiing success in South America
This summer the members of the NIVELCO Racing Team had the opportunity only for a short one-week vacation. At the beginning of July they arrived into the cold Argentinean winter after a more than 30 hours flight in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.
The International Ski Federation (FIS) invited the most talented youth runners to a common preparation in the southern hemisphere in early July. Due to the limited time we had to make a very quick decision and start to prepare immediately for the more than six-week long South American journey.
The first part of the program was a three week long intensive training camp in the Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) slopes in Ushuaia, organized by the International Ski Federation for the South American teams and for the joining competitors who were invited from many different countries of the world.
The international team of twenty members led by two coaches began the preparation in inclement weather conditions on the Cerro Castor tracks, where the sun comes up only about ten o’clock in the morning, but in this period of the year the sun doesn’t shine on the slopes at all due to the special orientation of the mountain.
During the three week session the racers had the opportunity to practice all disciplines with wide variety of special training techniques and there was also time for the inevitable physical workout.
The FIS camp was followed by a three week long intensive competition program in different slopes of Argentina and Chile, where the races were part of the South American Cup series. It was difficult to predict what performance can be expected from NIVELCO’s young racers in a completely unusual environment in the middle of the summer but the test proved to be successful. They arrived to the competition as the best youth racers of Hungary and returned home as the most successful Hungarian adult competitors!
The various places of the competitions were beautiful and unusual venues at the same time and especially the friendly local people played a big role in that after the six weeks of intensive training and racing riders were not tired at all. With the leadership of Markus Erhardt coach they could carried out the training work in the same continuously concentrated way even until the last days.
From the achievements it should be highlighted that Barnabas Szőllős reached the TOP 10 results in every race and he also could stand on the top of the podium as the best U18 rider. With this result Barnabas has proved that he deserve a place among the racers of the II Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2016.
The best result from Benjamin Szőllős was a fourth place among the adult racers which meant a huge leap forward in the international ranking by increasing his FIS points so much. During the fall both of our youth riders practiced in the European glaciers for the winter season and now they are looking forward with high expectations to show that they are prepared for the season.
Noa Szőllős made her usual summer preparation trainings, which is a vital part of the long winter racing season. In this season new challenges are awaiting for the only 13 years old contestant of the racing team. This year she could participate on international races as the youngest member of the Hungarian national youth team.
For the proper preparation she had to carry out a varied summer training program. Unfortunately, the extreme heat of summer soon melted the snow on all the European glaciers very quickly so this time more emphasis was placed on the physical training. The preparations were successful so all the test results showed positive changes.
Noa spent a lot of useful days with snowy training session as the invited member of the Styrian national team and she took the advantage of the favourable winter weather in the Austrian glaciers. The complete change of the gear and equipment was not so easy, but the results of the trainings were really encouraging. Now we have to carry on with the permanent hard working and then the results on the first international competitions will hopefully prove the lot of invested work!
We are very pleased that our persistent and effective work is recognized by the most successful manufacturers of ski sports equipment, therefore from this year our racers are among the largest factory race teams. The racers of NIVELCO Racing Team can race for the best results with using the skis and boots of the HEAD sports equipment company, with the skiing poles and protective equipment of LEKI and with the helmets and glasses of ALPINA.

Nivelco Magazine  // 2015/1


Veni, Vidi, Vici


Noa Szőllős said goodbye to the kid age group with a fantastic season! She stood on the podium in all the 23 races she participated and her performance is 17 victories! She has also won all three Austrian province cup series in the 2014/15 season. This way she has achieved Champion titles both in the regional and in the provincial championships, besides she won the Queen of the Mountain 2015 title. In addition she defended her Hungarian Championship title and won many other competitions!
Besides her hard work on the trainings the team of expert coaches at Skimittelschule Murau and her brothers also played a great role on these successes when they had opportunity to train together.

In the next year a big challenge is waiting for her when she will participate in the World Championship as a member of the Hungarian National team in the children age group and she has to compete among international racers.

Before the World Championship another long summer preparation is waiting for her. The main part of the preparation will be the trainings as a member of the Cso-Ko tennis team and Pattanj SE acrobatics team. In addition to the dry-land workouts she has to pass in the Hungarian school exams, so in the end of the year she will receive both the Austrian and the Hungarian school reports.
The ski season started with really bad luck for Barnabas Szőllős. After the hard work in the summer full of trainings he suffered a forearm fracture in a gym workout in mid-October.

With the help of a quick surgery and thanks to the doctors he could stand again on the snow only after two weeks, but he could start the intensive trainings only after Christmas.
The expectations against him were so huge so he started the trainings as soon as he can, risking further possible injuries. This way he succeeded to qualify to the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) held in Liechtenstein. He reached the admirable 28th place among the 110 competitors as the best Hungarian racer. Here he was the youngest racer among the competitors.
Only two weeks later he participated in the adults World Championship in Vail, Colorado in the United States also as the youngest racer. The next important stop of the race calendar was the Hungarian Championship where he achieved 2nd position after his elder brother in the U21 age group despite he is only 16 years old.
The series of the highlighted races ended in Norway at the Junior World Championship 2015 which was held in the city of Hafjell. The best result of the year for Barnabas was achieved in Montenegro where he stood on the podium for the first time on an international adult race organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS).
Here at the Montenegro Championship only a Serbian racer was able to enter the podium between the Szőllős brothers since Benjamin won the Championship title and Barnabas achieved the third position.
Benjamin Szőllős also achieved remarkable successes during the 2014/15 season. The participated on several international FIS competitions and reached the TOP15 for 15 times and finished in the TOP3 for 5 times. He won all the three competitions of the Hungarian Championship in the U21 age group and reached second place among the adult racers.
After the summer hard work he was able to train in excellent conditions in the glaciers of Austria and Italy. In addition to the school trainings a private coach, Markus Erhardt coordinated his work to prepare for the start of the season. It was a great help for him that his younger brother joined to the adult age group and they could train together. The healthy rivalry between them had a very good effect on their performance. Benjamin achieved first position for the first time in an international FIS adult competition on the 12th of January in 2015. He won the SES (Small European Ski) Nations Cup which was held in Predeal, Romania where his victory was achieved thanks to his wonderful performance in the second race. All the three competitions he reached podium positions so the trophies had to be sent home as a separate shipment. The most highlighted event of the season was the adults World Championship in the United States. Benjamin could participate in the qualifications of his favourite competition where the first 25 racers could enter the final out of the 110 racers.
After the first race he finished in the 31st place and in the end he had really bad luck since he achieved the 26th position. This way he fell behind to get into the final with only one position, only with 13 hundredths of a second.

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