NIVELCO Racing Team Summer

The Snow Must Go On

Another summer passed with the usual foundation workouts, but luckily the team didn’t have to give up on snowy activities either. A favorable turn in the pandemic situation has allowed the athletes to have continuous training.

NIVELCO Racing Team SummerNIVELCO Racing Team Summer

In May, the team trained in excellent conditions on the Kaunertal Glacier (2700…3100 m [8858…10170 feet]), where they had to drive every day to the lifts at 2700 m (8858 feet). This was a serious challenge for both cars and drivers.

Barnabas SzollosBenjamin Szollos

NIVELCO racers had the opportunity for a new and even more professional snow training because we have managed to get a high-performance snowmobile, so our racers could start training even before the ski lift opens, almost still in the dark. This was important because there were no other skiers on the piste at the time, so they could use the whole mountain without closures.

Noa Szollos

Special thanks to the operators of the Kaunertal Glacier, where the team was given the opportunity for wonderful summer and autumn snow training sessions. The team already got two Pfizer shots in early June and was able to travel to the training site within Europe without interruption.

It goes without saying that the holiday is also a training camp, so this year the team spent two unforgettable weeks on the Adriatic again. In addition to the daily bike training sessions, of course, it was also possible to ski on the water.

In August, preparations continued in the ski halls, and this year the team also trained in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Kaunertal glacier, Austria

Being part of the Kästle team is still a great feeling, and now we can safely say that we made a perfect decision a year ago when we started working together. Starting this season, the Italian Vist will officially deliver fast and high-quality racing clothes to the team and ensure that riders and coaches feel comfortable on the ski slopes, even on the coldest days.


What awaits the team next season?

Several world races were canceled last year because of Covid-19, which we hope will make up for this year. In December, the Winter Universiade awaits Barnabás and Benjamin in Lucerne, Switzerland, with alpine tracks held on the famous races of St. Moritz, where Benjamin has previously competed in the Adult World Championships. The XXX. Winter Universiade Games will be held from 11 to 21 December 2021.

Another big event that fell short of last year is EYOF 2022 in Vuokatti, which is expected to take place next March, where Noa can compete among girls aged 18–19. The 2022 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival will be held in Vuokatti, Finland, from 20–25 March 2022.

If the virus situation allows, then on 4 February 2022, the Olympic flame will ignite and mark the start of the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022! The 24th Winter Olympics will be held from 4 February to 20 February 2022 in Beijing, China.

All three of our racers are looking forward to the upcoming race season in their best shape, and we are confident that neither accident nor illness will prevent them from another successful November start!