A challenging year behind NIVELCO racers
The Szollos siblings about the changes, their plans, and the summer preparation
Summer preparation in 2018 and other curiosities Young racers of NIVELCO have left behind successful months of summer preparation again. In May the team was still able to practice on the Austrian glaciers but the summer heat allowed further trainings only on the Swiss Allalin glacier above 3600 meters.
The team left the village of Saas-Fee, located two thousand meters above sea level, at dawn every day and went up 1600 meters higher to the ski slopes so that they could ski the icy snow before sunrise.
While the average daytime temperature was above 30 °C throughout Europe our racers had the chance to ski in almost perfect winter conditions on the glacier, together with world-class skiers.
At this altitude you have to pay close attention to the right physical condition, because the lack of oxygen and acidification largely determine the amount of training the skiers are able to do here. Training at this altitude would be impossible without conscious previous workout. Thousands of kilometres of cycling and gym workouts many times a week over the summer have ensured that both preparation and race season could be carried out smoothly. Of course, this was to be done under strict medical control, which are now essential for leading sportsmen.
Meanwhile, Benjamin has tried out a new sport and is now playing football as an amateur player in the autumn season at Hidegkúti Sport Club in Budapest.
Our racers – for the first time in their lives – participated in a professional photo shooting, during which they went into a studio in Budapest on a beautiful summer afternoon with full winter equipment on – causing deep surprise to the photographers!
This summer did not go by without a small annoyance either as a minor accident set back Noa’s preparation when she broke her index finger on the first school workout in August. Fortunately, by the time of the training camp at the end of September the injury was practically healed so Noa was able to hit the slalom gates painlessly again.
Interview with the Szollos siblings
– How does it feel to compete in new colors?
Benjamin: – I don’t feel any difference in the race, because when I’m standing in the start house, I just want to ski the best that I can. And in that situation the flag on my race suit doesn’t influence me.
Barnabas: – Skiing is an individual sport, the fact, what colour my racing suit is does not affect my results.
Noa: – There is no real difference. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit weird is when someone asks me: “So, where are you from?” I never know what to answer but that’s really the only thing.
– Has the country change caused any difficulties in your preparation?
Benjamin: – Yes. First of all, I was very disappointed, because the possibility of racing for Hungary wasn’t taken from me because of my performance in skiing, but due to petty financial and professional squabbles. The second hard thing was, that I had to completely think over my goals in skiing.
Barnabas: – The situation because of which I eventually had to change shortened and made my previous season difficult.
Noa: – No. I rarely trained with the Hungarian team and it’s not like I have to train with an Israeli team because I still go to the same ski-school with the same trainers and the same team.
– How is the new team?
Benjamin: – The main characteristic of the new team would be, that it’s tiny. The whole Israeli Ski Team has only four racers. The three members of the Nivelco Ski Team and one additional male racer.
This new situation actually doesn’t change anything in my preparation, because I hardly ever prepared together with the national team.
Barnabas: – Actually, the team I work with has not changed, my coach has stood by us and I can still work well with the school team.
Noa: – As I said before, I rarely trained with the Hungarian team but I always had my Brothers for support so it’s not that big of a change for me.
– What do you think about the season 2017/2018?
Benjamin: – The start of the season was very positive, but with time it became more challenging for me. By that time, I haven’t decided the direction I want to take in my career. I was focusing on the speed disciplines until the middle of the season, but my results didn’t meet my expectations, that’s why I decided to focus from that point on, on SL (slalom) and GS (giant slalom). Artlessly the first races after the speed period didn’t bring good results, but with time the results got better, so I decided to stay on this path for the future.
Barnabas: – Despite the late start I had a successful season. I couldn’t race at the Olympics because of the country change but I could take part in the Junior World Championship.
Noa: – Last season went surprisingly well. I was on the podium quite a lot and I was almost always in the top 10. I think the only season that tops this one is 2016/2017.
– Which one was your most successful race?
Benjamin:  – Last season I managed to win only one race, so I would say that, that Serbian GS race was the most successful last season.
Barnabas: – I participated at all events at the Junior World Championships in Davos but the 19th place in downhill was my best result.
Noa: – This is a hard question because my favourite races are Andorra and Whistler Cup but the most successful races were probably Zagreb and Škofja Loka / Pokal Loka.
– How did you prepare yourself for the next season in the summer?
Benjamin: – For the first time in my career, I made my dry training mostly alone. I’m already curious how this decision will affect my season.
Barnabas: – In the summer I mainly did strength training for the following snow season, cycling and fitness training in particular.
Noa: – With mostly endurance training. With other words, I was cycling all summer.
– What are your expectations for 2018/2019?
Benjamin: – I’m expecting more process in GS and SL. Hopefully this process will result with some wins in this season.
Barnabas: – I want to focus on the faster events so my preparation program has changed a little bit. Also, I’ d like to try myself at the European Cup races. I hope I will achieve good results, but the snowy training is only just starting and I don’t know in what shape I will be.
Noa: – I really hope it will be a successful year as it’s my last year before I move to FIS but I know I’ll have to work harder than ever to achieve this goal.
– What will be your most important competition?
Benjamin: – This season I want to start again on the world championships and for the first time I want to compete on the Universiade. But I don’t know yet which races will be the most important in relation to my career.
Barnabas: – The Junior World Championships 2019.
Noa: – All of them. I think this year will be about enjoying every last second of my last U16 years and showing everyone that I’m ready for FIS.
SzOLlOs siblings continue to succeed
After barriers there are new opportunities for the Nivelco Ski Team
The beginning of the 2017/18 season brought some unexpected difficulties for the racers of the Nivelco Ski Team. The leaders of the Hungarian Ski Federation came to the conclusion, that they don’t want to work any longer with the three talented athletes of the Nivelco Ski Team. This meant that the racers didn’t get the permission to participate in any ski race. This left the athletes no choice, but to find a country, where they can fulfil their dreams. That the chosen country had to be Israel was out of debate, because Peter Szollos has been helping the Israel Ski Team already for many years. Sadly, the two racers would lose their right to participate in the Winter Olympic Games of 2018, due to strict international regulations in case of changing the country, even though they both reached the “A” level qualification.
Even after all these challenges the racers had to face, their will was never broken, so the guys trained hard from May to October beside the ski slopes and from October on the slopes.
Alongside the training Benjamin Szollos made his Matura (A-Levels) in October and finished the TZW Waidhofen an der Ybbs. Soon after, he managed to get into a University in Vienna (Institut für berufsbegleitende Studien).
For his first ski race he had to wait until January 2018. At this giant slalom race in Slovenia he managed to become 10th out of 100 racers, this result also brought him his best FIS points in this discipline. Soon after he participated in the Czech Championships. Benjamin got mostly in the top 10 until the Super Combine race, where he made his first podium place of this season after finishing third behind two Czech Olympic athletes. He stood happily on the podium of course already in Israeli colours.
After a long period of training and unsuccessful races it was time for a new race series in Serbia.  On this race series Benjamin became successful again and managed to be three times on the podium, one time even as the winner of the race. Although the late start of the season the Israeli athlete participated in 40 races in 2018 and finished the season satisfied.
Barnabas Szollos started his race season also in January. Even though his first race was not as successful as his brother’s, Barnabas collected fantastic results continuously over the whole season. He began with his successful streak on the Czech Championships, where he reached the 2nd place in SG. Later on, in Davos, on the Junior World Championships he became 19th in DH (with only 1.21 secs behind the winner). With his 29th place in SG he verified, that he has the potential to grow up to the best racers in alpine skiing.


Benjamin and Barnabas used to race on the same races. This changed in 2018, as Barnabas took a new course to the speed disciplines (DH, SG) and Benjamin stayed on the technique disciplines (SL, GS). This lead to some financial and organization problems, which the whole team still has to figure out. Despite these problems Barnabas managed to make good points even on the Europa Cup, in a very strong cast, where Barnabas had to start with a high bib. The race was so tight, that Barnabas’s little delay of 1.66 sec was only enough for the 53rd place. The Israeli athlete was ten times in the top 10 and stood two times on the podium out of 38 races. He also improved his FIS points in three disciplines. Keep it up!


Noa Szollos, the youngest sibling began her school career this school year in the TZW Waidhofen/Ybbs, which effected also her race results positively. Because of the continuous physical and ski training Noa improved a lot. She reached lots of great results in Austria and also internationally in the U16 category, even though she was the younger vintage this season. She surprised everybody with her outstanding performance. This was the first year when she competed in the Lower Austrian Cup and except of one bad race she reached the podium always.


The young Israeli athlete began her international season in Vratna, where she became 3rd in GS. The next race series was in Andorra, here she won the SG and collected a 2nd place and two 4th places. The next event, the Poka Loka included very serious international races, with athletes from over 30 countries. The Israeli racer was even here one of the best and she reached a 6th and a 9th place. After that Noa’s next races were in Zagreb, from where she came home with a Slalom silver and a Giant Slalom bronze medal. Later on, she ended the Styrian Championships with two gold and a silver medal. For her last races in Europe the Israeli athlete flew to a race series in France, where she won all the four races. Noa ended her race season in Canada on the Whistler Cup, with a 7th place in SG and GS and a 3rd place in SL.
The NIVELCO Co. whishes further successful and injury free seasons.

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